Meeting my Totems – Bat

I spent some time trying to contact my totems again.

I began in the desert and spent some time trying to find a place to go through, and eventually located the hole which was far larger than before.

The cave was far more vivid this time, I could taste the salty air and hear the drops of water fall down to the shallow pool in the middle. It was cool and damp, and I felt a gentle breeze on my shoulders. Something flew past my face and I dodged out of the way.

“Bat?” I called out into the cave, and my voice echoed back to me.

“Yes,” I heard Bat’s screechy voice reply.

I held an arm out and Bat flew over and hung from my arm, taking the form of a short-nosed fruit bat. I looked around and saw Crab in his cave crab form sat to one side.

“Leave,” he told me.

“Why?” I asked him.

“Leave now,” he urged me.

I turned to look at Bat, who opened their mouth and shrieked, “Leave!”

“Why?” I asked again, I seemed to be holding my own quite well against them.

“Try again!” Bat shrieked at me.

I was woken from my meditations abruptly from this, to find that I’d developed a crick in my neck.

It occured to me that as I do a lot of sleep/dream related magic, I might do better to lie down during my meditations and treat it like a dream. I made myself comfortable and let myself drift inwards. This time, without even needing to go through the desert, I found myself within the cave.

Before me stood Bat, upright. Bat was now a gargantuan musky fruit bat almost as large as myself and seemed to be grinning. I found myself feeling very nervous.

“Are you my totem?” I asked Bat. I blurted it out before I could stop myself.

It gets a little foggy here, Bat grinned and me and I’m not sure if they said yes or no, but I got the distinct impression that if Bat wasn’t my totem, they’d damn well act like they were anyway.

“Why are you upright?” I asked Bat.

“No, we are upside down!” Bat answered me.

I realised we were both hanging in the darkness with so much nothing below us that I couldn’t see a bottom.

“Oh,” I said, “I think I’m going to fall.”

“Fall, then,” said Bat.

So I fell and fell, and I don’t know if I screamed or not, but I was fairly concerned with the outcome of this. Bat flew alongside me for some time, before swooping away.

I landed in thick, gooey mud which splattered everywhere. I was still in the cave, for the blue crystals were crowing on the walls around me. In front of me sat Crab.

“Beware of others,” Crab told me with a firm voice.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

I turned my head and saw a great large snake approaching me. I expected this snake to be friendly, as I have a fondness for snakes, but before I could do anything the creature lunged at me.

I was woken from my meditations.

I’ve decided to give it some time and re-think my list of who to visit. I may ask Bat to come along to keep me company. I’m going to do more research into animals and totemism before I try, though.


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