Letters – Pandora

As a practice for getting insight into my characters I wrote a few letters from my character to another.


I hope you take at least a few minutes to read this letter before you burn it in disgust. I’m too far away to bring you any harm, as though I hadn’t harmed you enough.

I’m singing now, which is no surprise to anyone. It’s keeping me occupied which in turn keeps everyone else safe. I’m always being watched by someone, but it’s a good life. The relapse I had was pretty unexpected, but purely self-inflicted. The adventuring life was far too stressful for me. If I could go back I would have changed a lot of my decisions.

I want you to know that I would never have hurt you. I only wanted everyone’s happiness, and looking back on it I now realise that I was a fool for thinking I could keep up the pretty charade I had going on. I lied to you and the others every single day of our journey. What must you think of the people around you?

Know that they love you, Pan, and one of the greatest cruelties of this world has removed itself from your company. Watch out for those who would abuse your kindness, there are cockroaches on every corner.

I hope you have remembered some of what I taught you. Beauty like yours should be flaunted, not wasted. You have so much potential.


Rowan Venture.

P.S. If I find out that you’ve been traipsing around in those ugly overalls with messy hair I may keel over before the law even finds me.


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