Meeting Totems – Rabbit

As of late, I haven’t found any time to meditate or even get any writing done outside of what is needed for my upcoming deadlines. In my spare time, I’ve been reading New Paths To Animal Totems by Lupa, who discusses local environments and the totems that are close to you. It’s a highly fascinating read and I advise it to anyone looking into totemism themselves.

Now, I’ve done a lot of research into totemism, and a commonly suggested way of deciding totems to visit is the animals that are a large part of your life. Rabbits have always been an image throughout my life, presenting themselves as toys and pets. When I finally owned my own pet rabbits, I was surprised to find that they were violent and aggressive- a side to the common domestic animal I’d never seen before.

So, with all this in mind, I found myself an hour or so aside to visit Rabbit.

Unlike my usual meditations, I found myself in a bright forest. The grass beneath me was a vibrant green with cool dew and damp mud beneath. Behind me there was a large leafy bush, and around me stood tall green trees.

I walked through the open forest and found a small rabbit burrow. I knew this to be the place to go. I knelt down, tucked my fingers into the edges of the hole and pulled myself through the small gap. I crawled through the narrow space for a short time, alone in the dim tunnel but saw at the end there was a warm glow that lit my way.

Once through,I found myself inside a huge burrow with Rabbit. Rabbit presented himself as a large common brown rabbit and spoke to me in a boisterous and – forgive me – bouncy manner. To my surprise, he ushered my into his burrow, where I found a large nest of sleeping kittens (rabbit kittens, not cat kittens).

He pushed me amongst their bodies, which were nearly as large as mine, and encouraged me to sleep in his burrow. I didn’t argue.

In fact, the few times I have visited him, he’s asked me to sleep in his burrow.

I suspect this is due to some serious sleeping trouble I’ve had lately.

Regardless, I’m thankful for his hospitality and protection.


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