Word of the Month: Recantation

Does anyone else feel like the world should have ended by now?

Certainly the Mandela Effect has been a popular subject over the last few months as more and more strange things happen and more people discover they all seem to have remembered things incorrectly (I, personally, seem to remember most of the common events correctly so I suppose I always lived in this doomed timeline). The world has become notably more unsafe for a lot of people – in fact so much more that it was touched upon in the Comic Relief Love Actually mini-sequel. At that point you know that the world has reached a pinnacle of weird.

But as terrified as I was for 2017, so far despite a lot of bad things are almost laughable now. For instance: Mexico will NOT be paying for the notorious wall. American taxpayers will. Woops. Not to mention the plans for Brexit being more or less ‘we want to receive all the benefits of being in the EU, without being in the EU’. Doesn’t sound like the Brexit plan the leave party were promising is going to happen. In fact, we don’t seem to have any plan at all.

If you’re into things that aren’t so political, perhaps more on the pop-culture side, you might have spent the last month wondering what on earth Boruto is, and why we’re getting an anime of it when you were sure Naruto was finally over.  Or perhaps sitting either side of the metaphorical fence when it comes to the new live-action Death Note series that features a white-american cast for Light, and the entire story is also set in America. Take from that what you will…. But a white boy developing a god-complex and ‘cleansing’ the world of criminals (especially when the american prison system is heavily biased against people of colour) seems a little… Questionable. Certainly not the quality content we had got used to from Netflix series.

March certainly felt the the month of take-backsies. Steven Universe Critical intensified as a phenomenon as people noticed the animation inconsistencies and mistreatment of certain characters, when before it had shown such promise. The Power Rangers movie, which had received barely any notice from people who weren’t die-hard fans of the original series’, suddenly received a lot of attention when it was revealed that there was both a lesbian and autistic character in the cast and neither were subject of ridicule nor the butt of a joke.

The weather went from frosty grounds and storms to glaring sun. At least in Britain, anyway.


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