Word of the Month: Vagarious

From what I’ve observed, May has either been a very good month to people,or a very bad one.In my personal life alone I feel that everything has waited until May to reach a peak level of ‘particularly bad’. For the general population, it has definitely been a busy (or hectic) one. For people in education, certainly this month is a hellscape of exams, deadlines and studying, but somehow even after graduation it manages to leave a lingering need to be rushing to things.

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Word of the Month: Quixotic

Given the fact I thought the world was supposed to be ending during March, the chaos brought into the world during April should have me digging my grave right now. Except I’m a little bit past that stage now and I’m desperately hoping we can turn this car around before we hit the metaphorical wall. In my idealistic, unlikely dream-world this happens in June and the rest of the year becomes a lovely sunny paradise.

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