Word of the Month: Quixotic

Given the fact I thought the world was supposed to be ending during March, the chaos brought into the world during April should have me digging my grave right now. Except I’m a little bit past that stage now and I’m desperately hoping we can turn this car around before we hit the metaphorical wall. In my idealistic, unlikely dream-world this happens in June and the rest of the year becomes a lovely sunny paradise.

Let’s be honest. Calling a general election was an impractical decision because it was not called with the British public in mind. It is entirely being used for Theresa May to score another few years in power for the Conservatives than they were originally given. All because she firmly believes she can and will win it.

Personally, I’d rather she didn’t. But maybe there I am being once again the one sitting in an idealistic bubble where people who care about the needs of myself and the people around me are looked after by their government and given a brighter future. I’m quite a fan of equal rights and everyone getting a chance in life to succeed. Perhaps that’s me being impractical and idealistic. Who knows?

Britain is settling into its acceptance that Brexit is going to happen and it cannot be stopped. Plans need to be made (whatever they may be). But now, it seems, France has a chance of following in our footsteps. Maybe they won’t and, ideally, pick the one who seems to want something a bit kinder for the country and the people in it.

Perhaps my feeling of almost impractical idealism this month has come from the fact I’ve sorted out my application for my masters degree, and I started the month with finally owning my copy of Moana on DVD and binge-watching it on repeat. It feels a little bit like in my personal life might reach some amazing peak in the future where I take control of what seems to be my inner calling and make huge steps to becoming who I really am.

Feels a little bit whimsical.

But I think at the base of it all, the truly quixotic moment this month was believing that Chinese “Boy” Band FFC-Acrush would debut on the 28th for the entire world to witness.

Alas, no sign of the M/V yet/



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