Word of the Month: Vagarious

From what I’ve observed, May has either been a very good month to people,or a very bad one.In my personal life alone I feel that everything has waited until May to reach a peak level of ‘particularly bad’. For the general population, it has definitely been a busy (or hectic) one. For people in education, certainly this month is a hellscape of exams, deadlines and studying, but somehow even after graduation it manages to leave a lingering need to be rushing to things.

For many, the big deadline was the French presidential election, and the pleasant relief that Marcon won, and not the terrifying far right option (unlike America) who wanted to leave the EU (unlike Britain). For many, a huge success that indicates a better future – one that will hopefully influence other countries to make similar decisions.

Similarly, South Korea have elected their first liberal president in a decade. Moon Jae-in seems to be indicating a mass political change in the country, that may lead to huge developments and changes for many oppressed groups.

Perhaps eventually follow in the footsteps of Taiwan, who became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage in Asia. This will hopefully have a domino effect of laws passed until more and more countries make the world a safer place for LGBT+ people to live.

But somehow, despite these exciting developments around the world, there is still a lot causing tensions and worry. The list of dangerous decisions being made by Donald Trump and Theresa may continue to grow – making a large amount of people feel very unsafe in the western world.

Not to mention the terrorist attacks in several different countries that have caused rising Islamophobia in the west. Despite Muslim people being frequent targets of terrorism, especially including by ISIS, the attack at Ariana Grande’s concert has left many British people putting their blame in the wrong place.

Naturally every large British event that happens now is surrounded by armed police, and the whole country is at critical risk. What this means for the future is uncertain.

Even aside from large political events, fandom has taken several beatings this month. Samurai Jack‘s reboot seems to have suffered particularly bad writing towards the end of the series, leaving many old fans very disappointed. Tragically, as well, many Kpop fans were heartbroken to see another 2nd Generation girl group, Sistar, disband – leaving worry and uncertainty for a lot of other girl groups (not to mention the concern for the two boy groups who were under the same label, only one of which the company seem to care to promote).

However, we did see the fist ever Asian woman appear on the cover of Vanity Fair , which is both incredible news, and shocking news. Kelly Marie Tran will appear in the new Star Wars film, and if nothing else the sheer diversity of this film is making me excited.

May could only truly be saved by the Eurovision Song Contest, and while many may disagree on who should have won and weather or not Spain actually deserved those 5 points, we can all unanimously agree on one thing:

The hosts were annoying as hell, and Måns should have taken over.


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