Word of the Month: Frondeur

Oririn: French.  Literally ‘slinger’. From ‘The Frond’. Used to describe political rebels in the French civil wars between 1648-1693.

It would be nice if everyone could collectively upheave all corrupt government and replace them with people who actually care about other people’s well-being. It would be nice if everyone had basic respect for everyone else in the world. It would be nice if we could collectively make massive changes to make the world the safe place it needs to be.

As usual, a lot has been happening. I’ve slowly lost track of the mess going on in the USA, but I was certainly furious to see Trump essentially declare transgender soldiers as nothing more than an expense. I’m sure by now everyone knows about how much they’re spending on viagra.

The big concern right now appears to be Venezuela. With the country so heavily divided the protests are terrifying to read about, let alone see photos or footage. For anyone who wasn’t informed to start with, it’s years of political tension to catch up on and no one can really tell what will happen next.

I honestly spent this month either completely spacing out or far too busy with other things to really keep up with anything. However, I can say that I managed to get a first-hand experience viewing the incredible power of the people vs the government on my trip to Poland.

If you weren’t already aware, the Polish parliament planned to replace their Supreme Court judges with government officials. There have been several attempts to control law and fortunately it was vetoed.

I happened to be in Warsaw during a demonstration where I was able to witness a huge crowd of people chanting, lighting candles and carrying around Polish and EU flags, as well as handing out magazines and paper signs to everyone in the areas (of course I grabbed one). There’s one thing to hear about world changes, and quite another to be there when people fight to make that change.



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