Word of the Month: Effable

Most people know of ‘ineffable’ but it’s counterpart ‘effable’ is very rarely used. This is likely due to the fact that it’s not too common to sit down and say “I know exactly the words to describe this” and for it to have a lot of meaning. However, I can say with certainty that it definitely had its uses this month.

The month began pretty well with the short film ‘In A Heartbeat’, which despite being released on July 31’st, got most of it’s following and celebration during early August. Many people found this to be an excellent portrayal of young queer love, with a happy and innocent end to it all. There were a lot of high expectations for it when it was first announced and the reception was extremely positive. There are high hopes for a follow-up short or even a spin-off series featuring the young schoolboys and the exploration of same-gender romance for children.

The new series of Rick and Morty kicked into action just at the end of July and through August, exciting a lot of fans and inspiring a whole lot of bar parties. There were several interesting points made about Rick’s personality- a character a lot of fans admire and relate to – that call him out for being not that great. It was good to see the show actively criticise the behaviour and actions of the protagonist and call out that behaviour in their fans too.

The notoriously bad Emoji movie was released early in the month and proceeded to do as badly as everyone expected it would. Even the jokes about it didn’t last long.

Any early August hype was quickly killed when literal Nazi’s marched through Charlottesville. It’s hard to imagine a world where white supremacists can act so freely without being rounded up and put away for their terrifying ideology, yet here we are. These people are not ‘mislead’,’misguided’, ‘alt-right’, or whatever other bullshit people are using to defend them. These people are absolutely effable and the words are ‘nazi’ and ‘white supremacist’. It’s terrifying to see this sort of thing openly happening in a way that could influence others and spread their hateful ideals even further.

Things like this can really leave a sour taste in your mouth no matter what else happens.

On a lighter note for anyone actively hunting escapism during that time, the Korean boyband Boyfriend made a return to Korean stages with their single ‘Star’, delighting their loyal fans who waited a long time to see them perform again. Though they still have a relatively small following compared to some groups, many fans are hoping it is a sing that their next Korean single will be released much sooner rather than after another 2 year wait.

Game of Thrones reached it’s mid-season break, leaving many people piecing together forgotten plot points and building theories as to how the series will end. There has already been some chaos among the fans, either from the “still rowing” line, the wolf head’s eye seemingly opening, people speculating where the Night King even got the chains (he’s taken whole villages and you’re wondering where he got chains? Same place he got the people, clearly) and now confusion as to weather or not Tormund survived the destruction of the wall. We are all now left with awkwardly strung together theories and whatever other TV show might become pop culture to fill the gap.

The gap may just be filled by Channel 4’s continuation of The Great British Bake Off, if my loyalty to the BBC, Mary Berry and Mel and Sue can be swayed in any way. I’ve heard good things about Noel Fielding presenting it, so if I keep hearing good news I may just cave.


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