Word of the Month: Labarum

Remember Remember the 5th of November…. But what about September?

I’m not entirely sure what happened to my September post. I have memories of writing it, so perhaps I closed the page before actually posting it and didn’t get around to checking. So for this situation we shall give September the word ‘barmecide’ as though the whole month was some horrible dream and we’ve forgotten it all now.

Anyone who may have come across the word ‘labarum’ before may automatically think of Constantine the Great’s military standard. However, the word is also used to refer to any flag with any sort of important symbol on it. So, if you’ve been keeping up with Catalonia at all, you’ll understand the choice.

Additionally, October is also a month of celebration for many, many cultures. If you’re not much a fan of Halloween you may at least recognise the Celtic holidays of Samhain and Calan Gaef which are celebrated not just within the UK but by Pagans all around the world. There was also Diwali with plenty of celebration going on by Hindu’s all around the world, as well as Sukkot celebrated by Jewish people worldwide. There are plenty of big holidays happening in this month.

And of course, let’s not forget Oktoberfest.

For students like myself the month has been heavily dominated with work, approaching end-of-year deadlines and for some even exams. Fitting in any religious celebrations alongside the increasing workload, while trying to keep on top of world news is fairly difficult for any person to do.

I actually took trips to Edinburgh and Manchester this month and appreciated the beautiful cities, spent far too much money and have re-kindled y love of paranormal and haunted locations. Maybe in the future I shall do some investigating of my own.

May the future bring us at least a little bit of peace and some big, good news.


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