Meeting Totems – Rabbit

As of late, I haven’t found any time to meditate or even get any writing done outside of what is needed for my upcoming deadlines. In my spare time, I’ve been reading New Paths To Animal Totems by Lupa, who discusses local environments and the totems that are close to you. It’s a highly fascinating read and I advise it to anyone looking into totemism themselves.

Now, I’ve done a lot of research into totemism, and a commonly suggested way of deciding totems to visit is the animals that are a large part of your life. Rabbits have always been an image throughout my life, presenting themselves as toys and pets. When I finally owned my own pet rabbits, I was surprised to find that they were violent and aggressive- a side to the common domestic animal I’d never seen before.

So, with all this in mind, I found myself an hour or so aside to visit Rabbit.

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Meeting Totems – Bear

For various reasons, I have been reading into the samurai lifestyle and bushido. To be a samurai, a warrior must face their own fears and recognise the inevitability of death. This way they can live a Zen lifestyle. While I’m not a samurai nor am I particularly bushido or even a zen buddhist, I did think to try to apply this to my own meditations.

So, I decided to make contact with bear.

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Meeting my Totems – Bat

I spent some time trying to contact my totems again.

I began in the desert and spent some time trying to find a place to go through, and eventually located the hole which was far larger than before.

The cave was far more vivid this time, I could taste the salty air and hear the drops of water fall down to the shallow pool in the middle. It was cool and damp, and I felt a gentle breeze on my shoulders. Something flew past my face and I dodged out of the way.

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First Exploration in Totemism

As this is my first post on this blog, it makes sense for me to begin at a beginning.

I sat down to meditate last night- not something I often achieve without falling asleep – and began my inward adventure.

Before I begin, I will explain that the technique I used was borrowed from a friend of mine who has found her own totems after a few tries. I began researching about totems and spirit animals in order to find out roughly what to expect, and what animals I may potentially come across.

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